Masters at Work

May has been a busy month. So busy that I have mismanaged my time and have not devoted the necessary concentration to create brilliant and nerdy literature for you. Perhaps what we all need is a break from the deep rhetoric and have a little fun. A few days ago, I stumbled upon a video (as I do with most videos I watch on Youtube) and saw the most brilliant mashup I had ever seen.

Who doesn’t love classical music? My dad knew classic music pieces and their composers like most men in Texas know their football teams and their players, and he played them constantly (my earliest recollections on an LP record player and then later on a CD player). During my time as an undergrad at TAMU, I snuck in an elective with a class on Beethoven with Dr. H.A. Houtchens (an expert on Dvořák). I confess, I picked it because it worked with my schedule and it seemed like a more interesting class than a Communications elective. I had no idea how fascinating the class would be and how much I looked forward to it every Tuesday and Thursday. I didn’t know much about Beethoven except that he seemed like an angry man based solely on the fact that I thought the 5th Symphony sounded angry. Dr. Houtchens was incredibly passionate about his music, and I had the privilege to learn all the different sides to this diverse and eccentric musician with this 3rd, 7th, and 9th Symphonies. And his piano concertos, scherzo’s, etc. 

But back to the fun part, you won’t believe how all these different pieces play together in harmony. You’ll have to keep up with it because it moves fast in some parts! I have lost count how many times I’ve watched it. I don’t refer to many people as a “master,” but these guys fit the bill. Enjoy….