Patreon: Artists Helping Artists

During the Renaissance, artists of all genres thrived in a culturally conscience society. Art was often (and still is) considered a catalyst in the development of culture which can either be used for good or for evil. Many artistic patrons understood this and wanted to set the tone of their culture by employing skilled and gifted artists. From Prime Ministers, to Kings and Popes, it use to be that patrons could only be the very wealthy or influential. Even today, film studios and musicians need to get wealthy producers and/or sponsors to fund their projects…

…but not anymore. With the birth of crowdfunding sites, artists are able to share and fund their projects with a phenomenal group of people who not only want to see your work get created, but also want to share it with others. They fund it and become your biggest promoters because if they believe in it enough to help carry the financial needs of it, they believe in it enough to share it with others. No longer do we divide ourselves from our audience members with the “mystery” veil. They want to be a part of our work in a significant way and contribute to it more than just with money. 

Indiegogo and Kickstarter you may be familiar with but if you have not yet been introduced to Patreon, I suggest you get acquainted! 


Patreon was created by artists, FOR artists. Rather than raising a large sum for a big project like a feature film, Patreon is a way to tip your favorite artists for every small piece of content they produce, making it easier for the contributors and the artists. Patreon has helped independent artists make a living creating what they love and connecting them to their fans in the most productive, thriving and intimate way. There’s no membership fee, they just take out 5% of transactions made to you, so you have nothing to lose by joining and sharing your content! To learn more, check out my PATREON VIDEO about our community. You certainly aren’t required to donate anything to read these articles. I’m just happy you enjoy them but would love for you to see the video on how awesome Patreon is. 

Encourage every artist you know to get onto Patreon and be a part of this wonderful community that celebrate your art. This is the 21st Century…they artist does NOT have to suffer.