Art tells a story. Writing, painting, and music all tell a story…our story. Although I discuss and express myself mainly in film, I believe that film making is the combination of all art mediums.

Story allows us to reflect, to ponder, to interpret, to find purpose and healing. I have never believed that people pick up a book, listen to music or watch a movie to “escape.” People get lost in story to be inspired.

I was inspired to start New Hope Productions by someone who changed my life with his stories. He mesmerized and inspired others, but no one was ever quite so transformed than by his very own story of his life, his death, and his resurrection. I believe it is through his story that we interpret and make sense of our own. His is the master story teller, and the master artist and it is to him that New Hope Productions is dedicated.

We hope that you find this community a place of enjoyment and relevance in your life. Although we are embarking out on an adventure and do not yet know all that we have in store at New Hope Productions, we invite you to take this journey with us and see how this particular story goes. We anticipate having more articles on upcoming films so we can not wait to share the next issue with you! Connect with us on facebook and twitter as well as subscribe to receive any updates about our upcoming issues! 

Your fellow artist,

Emily Giuffré

Emily Giuffre' Emily Giuffré is an author, actor and aspiring film maker. She is currently writing for New Hope Productions’ online magazine, interviewing amazing artists, and working on a few other projects….


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